Komaram Puli Movie Review

Komaram Puli Movie Review

Movie: Komaram Puli
My Rating: 2/5
Banner: Kanakarathna Movies
Music: A R Rahman
Cinematography: Binod Pradhan
Editing: Prabhakaran
Producer: Singanamala Ramesh Babu
Story,Dialogues,screenplay & Direction: S J Suryah
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Nikisha Patel, Manoj Bajpai, Nasser, Saranya, Charanraj, Ali, Girish Karnad, Brahmaji, Shriya (special appearance), Cochin Haneefa, Gopinath etc
Release Date: 10th Sep 2010

This is the movie from Power star Pawan Kalyan after a long hiatus after ‘Jalsa’. And this is the movie that has come in the combination of SJ Suryah and Pawan that made big success a decade ago with ‘Khushi’. Pawan, who has been keeping his fans in the lurch for quite a while has finally arrived amidst tension and confusion in the form of ‘Komaram Puli’.



The pregnant wife (Saranya) of an honest cop who is killed by the villain Al-Saleem (Manoj Bajpai) vows to bring up her son as a tough police officer. The kid grows up to be Komarum Puli (Pawan Kalyan) and he is a role model to the entire police department. Telugu Movie Reviews

Saving the PM’s life, he gets to form ‘Puli Team’ which runs independently of any external force. A missing case incident of inspector Hussain (Suryah) gets him to Saleem and that eventually blooms to become a battle between the two.

On the other hand, there is the heroine (Nikesha) who is doing her best to woo Puli before and after marriage. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

Artists Performance:

Pawan Kalyan was loud and annoying, he reminded of Sai Kumar in Kannada movies showing over energy at every dialogue of his. It kind of looked eccentric than his trademark style of performance…

Nikisha is the saving grace of the film, her beautiful eyes and fresh oomph gives ample visual feast and she has shown enough confidence in body language and expressions in terms of her acting.

Manoj Bajpayee did his best to fit the big villain role and as usual, his character was not etched well to give that heavy and powerful impact.

Saranya was at her standard as a mother, crying when needed, motivating when required and doing justice to her role.

Ali was stale, Shriya was not required at all, Charan Raj was apt, Nasser was natural, Girish Karnad came and went, Brahmaji was brief, the person doing the role of Nixon was rigid, the others came in to fill the gap and the film duration.


No continuity from scene to scene:

* In one frame Pawan appears with long moustache and in immediate scene with short one…
* In one scene the villain finds his car missing in Hyderabad City Center and in immediate scene he confronts Pawan Kalyan in Bangkok on a roof top helipad and asks to get back his car. …
* In one scene Pawan Kalyan wears khakhi uniform and in immediate scene he appears in olive green…

No comedy:

* There is no instance where the audiences can laugh whole heartedly.
* Pawan Kalyan’s so-called comedy with Nikesha Patel in second half when she seduces him is miserable.

Weak Choreography:

* Shriya’s item song got wasted with weak choreography
* No song is gripping or holding the attention of audiences visually

Final Analysis:

Right from the word goes, the film takes a sloppy opening and the introduction of Pawan Kalyan was ridiculous. Everything looked disjointed and the feel was missing completely. Here are a few blunders if we can call it

* poor graphics in Pawan Kalyan introduction sequences, they looked
* childish, hardly any punch in the introduction of Nikesha as well
* very wrong sequencing of songs and without proper choreography and unwanted close up shots taking away the appeal
* each frame lasted not more than 5 seconds and it was visually very disturbing
* weak content
* unwanted lectures from Pawan Kalyan for every situation
* cheap costume selection for Nikesha in many sequences
* The uniform of Puli Team which reminds us of private security force
* The dual uniform of Pawan which leaves us with a confusion
* Negligible and silly comedy
* Not one gripping sequence

The list continues for long but overall, the film lacks the strength or the maturity to really be called as a commercial entertainer.

Unfortunately, the strong presence of Pawan Kalyan was missing in this and he looked quite aloof in the film without any involvement.

The major flaw for the film is the direction and raw handling of the script with patchy screenplay. Editing was another disaster. Given the budget involved even if the costs for the delay are taken away, the film could have been much-much better. Not one song is appealing, background score was just average. At the box office, this will have a good opening but running successfully is ruled out.

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ananya said...

message oriented movie. 4/5.ar rehman's music was good. pawan kalyan/s action was superb..........

rags said...

New Title for 'Komaram Puli' is " NARAKAM PULI ".. Ilanti ideas elavasthaayi basuuuuu...

avinash said...

I think u r being 2... harsh on the movie its worth watching and as far as pawan's entrance its not as stupid as ur blog

nagesh said...

this is not the way of make a movie,,,we can't do anything from money,,dabbu gurunchi pani cheste dabbe vastundi,,dabbu tho talent radu, miku chese avakasham undi kani cheyaleru,,, miku movie mida intrest ledu, miku intrest unnadi cheyandi leda talent unnavallaku avakasham ivvandi,, vallanu bayataku tisukurandi,,nene hero anukunte porapatu bayata vachi chudandi,,,

nagesh said...

this is not the way of make a movie,,,we can't do anything from money,,dabbu gurunchi pani cheste dabbe vastundi,,dabbu tho talent radu, miku chese avakasham undi kani cheyaleru,,, miku movie mida intrest ledu, miku intrest unnadi cheyandi leda talent unnavallaku avakasham ivvandi,, vallanu bayataku tisukurandi,,nene hero anukunte porapatu bayata vachi chudandi,,,

soyo said...

Orey... pichi lanja kodakallaara? Manushulakey puttaara ra meeru? Aa cinema anta moddagudisipoyaka kooda inka ela support chestunnaaru ra? Industry ki cinema bokka, director ki film bokka, janaalaki time bokka, producer ki pocket bokka, meeku jeevitam bokka. Maadarchodullaara!! Elli edanna manchipani chesukondi ra! Mee amma babulaki sahayapadandi ra! Endipoyina gudda moham Pawan Kalyangaadidi! Aalla anna peru chedadengaadu! Pellaanni odilidengaadu, Puttukathoney pichi unna lanja koduku! Vaalla annadi PRP ayitey veedidi PDP(Putti Dengi Pranamteesta)! Aadi jaathi! Thoo mee batukulni kukkalu denga!

Cinema choosi maatlaadandi... cinema choosi matladandi antunnaaru... nenu flop ayyind ani telisi kood vellaanu... friends enta voddu ani morapettukunnaa ... edo telugu cinema meeda abhimaanam aapukoleka, reviewlu chadavakunda vellaanu! Thoooooooo aadi batukuni denga! Kaneesam vadi cinema vaadu premier choosukunnaaa bavundedi kadara!!

arisivakumar said...

ya definetly komaram puli's review was given correctly...

plus and minus points were given correctly

Sandeep said...

Good film but as we know that gandhiji film cant works well in India............

Niranjan Kumar Dhulipalla said...

ori swamy, pavan kalyan gadoka thala thikka vedhava. vadu a roje(Audio function) roje cheppadu, na character ki thaggattu ga cinema untundi ani. appude janam ardam chesukovalsindi. vadi mentality kshanam kshanam ki maruthu untundi. Mental fellow. Cinema koda alage edchindi... inka danini samardisthe vedavalu avutharu. Bala Krishna fan ki chiranjeevi family fan ki theda akkade undi, Bala krishna fan bala Krishna cinema bagaleka pothe bagaledu ani chebuthadu. First vade comment chesthau.. ade veedi fans unnaru.. cinema jaffa cinema aina pogudutharu aha oho antaru.. endukura leni poni arbhatalu.. bagunte bagundani cheppandi.. baga lekapothe bagaledu ani cheppandi..

VAMSY said...

Hae U guys plz dont take reviews as personal., these are only meant to guide the people., dont use such type of voluger language in blogs.,

anji said...

In my view for the very first time it was dissapointed. But when i saw 2nd time it is some what better. I ll give 3/5

shivanand said...

chettaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa film

my downloads said...

cinema chesinodu chusinodu vadi pant ki vade vuri vesukoni chavali

Narendra Babu said...

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Hollywoodlo James Bond kuda inni feetlu cheesundadu kada ra baabu

Chivariki Gandhi gaaritho campare chesi aayana paruvu teestaarem..babu..Parlokamlo vunna aayanaki idi telistey akkada kuda Gundey potu vastundemo

Puli hit aythey..ika Johnny tollywood All time blockbusterga

bobby said...

parama boring movie guru chustunte paritala ravi debbaki pavan ki picheki pichi cinemalu testunadu. nenu chavalanukunte e cinema chusi chachipotha