Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu Movie Review

Movie: Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu
My Rating: 3/5
Banner: Universal Media
Cinematographer: Sam K Naidu
Music: Mani Sharma
Editing: Sekhar
Art: Chinna
Action: Vijay
Producer: Danayya DVV
Story, Screenplay & Direction: Puri Jagan
Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Tamanna, Scarlet Wilson, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, Ali, Gabriela Bernate etc..
Release Date: 18th Oct 2012



Rambabu (Pawan Kalyan) owns a garage and is a mechanic. But he is a different young man who is sensitive to injustice and doesn’t hesitate to take action as a responsible citizen. Soon, his actions catch the attention of media person Ganga (Tamannah) who brings him to the news channel she works for and gets him a job as journalist. Meanwhile, Rana (Prakash Raj) is an aspiring chief minister and his father (Kota) is an opposition party leader. Both keep hatching plots to bring down the government. Few situations lead Rana to clash with Rambabu. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.

Artists Performance:

Pawan Kalyan is again the life and soul for this movie. His livewire performance will be ‘extraordinary’ for his fans. This time, he has also focused on dance which is an added bonus.

Tamannah got into her role neatly and it must be said that her glamour was not really used to the fullest. Unlike her previous films where she had a meaty character, this one was more sidelined.

Prakash Raj delivers yet another effective performance and he fits into the character without much difficulty. He made his presence felt in the scenes with Pawan Kalyan which is nice.

Kota was versatile as usual, Gabriela looks sexy but she is not a performer, Tanikella Bharani was valuable, M S Narayana was mild, Brahmi brought few smiles, Ali had nothing to offer, Shruti was apt, Nasser was natural.


    * Pawan Kalyan
    * Climax Dialogues
    * Brahmi comedy


    * Screenplay
    * First Half
    * Heroine Characters

Final Analysis:

Pawan Kalyan and his hysteria these days needs no introduction. Irrespective of how the film is made, the mere fact that Pawan is there in the film is sufficient for the film to have maximum hype and expectations. The star power of Pawan is currently very high and his screen presence is a major crowd puller, especially his fans.

And these are the main factors which Puri seems to have focused while preparing this subject. But it must be said that the brilliance that Puri shows in his films is not to be seen. In this film, he simply sat on Pawan’s shoulders and rode on the power star mania than actually putting his thinking cap on and coming up with a solid material script.

As such, the subject Puri chose is sensible but since it is a message oriented theme, there should be strength in the characters, there should be content in the romance track, protagonist-antagonist track, comedy track. Most of the scenes are ‘touch and go’. What Puri managed to do however was tie it with a racy screenplay and generate 3-4 peaks in few situations. He also took into account the current political situation in the state and came up with prompt satires including one on Pawan himself.

His approach towards media has also been balanced this time. One can get a feel of his ‘Businessman’ in terms of pace and scene execution.

Overall, it is definitely not a film worth his caliber. To those who are into Pawanism, they will love it. But non-Pawan fans or the regular audience will find this to be an okay treat. Given the cost component, the mammoth openings and other factors, the film will find it easy to become a commercial success.

PS: The film culminates with a grand interesting line from Pawan Kalyan- "Meeru maa kutumbaanni pattinchukoka poyinaa parvaaledu..Nenu maathram meelo prathi okkarini pattinchukuntaanu". Well, audience started connecting this to real life of Pawan Kalyan and trying to draw conclusions in the way they wish!!!

Source: Greatandhra http://www.greatandhra.com/viewnews.php?id=41372&cat=1&scat=12